Tracie Markley

City Council
Title: Councilmember, Position 4
Tracie Markley

It’s been said that, “Without vision, the people perish.” I am excited to be an active part of casting vision for Gig Harbor - not just for the here and now, but for those who follow after us. I think it’s necessary to remember where Gig Harbor began in order to appreciate where we are today, and where we see ourselves in the future.

It’s very important to me that we preserve our city’s character and history. At the same time, growth is inevitable and I believe it’s a good thing! Growth is a sign that we’re doing something right. People want to live and work here and raise their families. However, we need to grow in a way that is smart, healthy, well-planned, and allows growth and change to take place in strategic ways in order to not lose the unique charm and integrity of our city.

Working with the citizens of Gig Harbor is an important job and I believe that professional and life experiences are key to successful decision making. When citizens attend a council meeting, they not only want to be heard, but know their concerns are not falling on deaf ears.

People want to be listened to. I feel I do that very well and am committed to truly hearing the concerns of our citizens and ensuring that the lines of communication are wide open.

A little bit about me...

My family moved to Gig Harbor in 1982. My parents fell in love with this town and wanted to raise myself and my two sisters here. I’m so glad they did. We moved here to pioneer a church, which is still active in our community today. My Dad pastored the church for thirty years before passing away from brain cancer in 2015. He knew no strangers, and neither did we. I currently reside in Gig Harbor North with my husband, Joshua, our two amazing daughters, and our loving whippet, Lewis.

I attended Peninsula Schools from first through twelfth grade and graduated from Peninsula High School in 1994. Go Hawks! My favorite part of growing up here was walking along the downtown waterfront, stopping in art galleries, popping into my favorite candy and ice cream shop and hanging out with friends on the Jerisich dock. My family would also make frequent trips to Kopachuck State Park. We had so much fun at low tide; collecting sand dollars, picking up starfish, and squirting each other with sea anemones. I remember when there was only one traffic light in town, and how exciting it was when we finally had our own McDonald’s! I had a wonderful childhood here and am so blessed to be raising my own children in our beautiful city.

Upon graduating high school, I was immediately interested in starting a career in real estate. I worked for a couple of top agents and became the youngest licensed real estate agent in Gig Harbor at the age of 18.

Although my employment history does not include government service, I have extensive experience working with people in diverse circumstances. Whether through my experience in real estate, processing mortgages, working downtown at William Patrick’s Dive Thru Coffee Shop, or human resources consulting, I have learned to be a great listener and solution finder.

I am no stranger to public service. I’ve proudly served this community alongside my family for over thirty-seven years, but this is the first time I have felt compelled to run for a public office. I hold myself to a high standard of integrity and will continue to serve our community with passion, honesty, and an open mind. I love Gig Harbor. It’s forever, Home.


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