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Dec 28

Mayor's Update - December 28, 2021

Posted on December 28, 2021 at 11:53 AM by Joshua Stecker

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the holiday with family and loved ones.

The snow has been beautiful, but there still is some severe weather outside so please be cautious and stay safe from the wind and cold. 

This is my last Blog as Mayor of the City of Gig Harbor. It has been an honor and privilege to serve you. Thank you for electing me and trusting me. I have worked diligently to keep the unique character of our wonderful town intact as it goes through the next phases of growth.   Maintaining our heritage through a period of rapid growth, development, and this very challenging times has not been easy. I have given my best efforts to represent all citizens that have provided input.

As Mayor, I provided a Vision with goals and objectives that made a positive impact in ways both large and small. We have accomplished quite a lot, and I encourage you to read through previous blogs as a measure of just how much we’ve done in the past four years.

Not everything we wanted or needed has been accomplished, but the City is in a better place. 

A City’s work is never done and we all must contribute in order to be successful. I am pleased that Councilmember Markley has stepped forward and has been elected to serve as our new Mayor come January.

She has been working with both me and our City Administrator to be up to speed on the City’s issues and needs and I have great trust that she will continue to move the City forward in a positive direction. 

I have been fortunate to work with so many wonderful people in so many types of organizations. From private businesses, various government’s, property owner’s community members and non-profits all who care about our community.

Thank you, Gig Harbor, for the opportunity to represent you, the people, as your City Mayor.

Mayor Kit Kuhn, City of Gig Harbor