Virtual Courtroom

Gig Harbor Municipal Court will temporarily be holding all court hearings via ZOOM from September 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022. Effective October 1, 2022, all criminal court hearings will return to in person. Civil Infraction hearings will remain on ZOOM until further notice. Please call the court if you are unsure if your hearing will be held remote via ZOOM or in person.

Emergency matters, criminal cases, and infraction cases may be heard remotely by video or telephone.

Gig Harbor Municipal Court Emergency Administrative Orders 2020-01, 2020-02, 2020-03, 2020-04, 2020-05, 2020-06, 2020-07, 2020-08, and 2021-02A remain in full effect.


Gig Harbor Municipal Court is using Zoom Video conferencing.  An excellent 2 page tutorial and instructions are found HERE.  Test your connection and audio well in advance of your hearing.  First time users may be prompted to download the Zoom software and should plan accordingly.  

To join conferencing by video, enter the Zoom Virtual Courtroom. To join conferencing by phone (no video), call (253) 215-8782.  At the prompt, enter the meeting code 794 653 3203 #.  There is no participant ID, press #.  The meeting password is 421393.  

All participants are reminded you are appearing in a virtual courtroom.  Your demeanor and your surroundings should reflect the serious nature of court proceedings.  There is no lessening of appearance standards and especially not for Officers of the Court (Attorneys, Interpreters, etc.).  All proceedings are recorded.  Attorneys are expected to appear by video. 

View the upcoming criminal court calendar HERE.