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Harborview Drive and Stinson Ave Intersection Improvements


  • May 20, 2022: We are pleased to announce that the roundabout is PAVED, but is not currently open to two-way traffic. The one-way southbound Harborview closure and related detour will remain in place into next week. We'd like to thank our contractor, ACI - ACTIVE CONSTRUCTION INC. for meeting the expedited deadline set forward by Council, and lessening the impact on cross-town traffic through a speedier completion date. The roundabout option gives a lower wait time per vehicle, lower operational costs, and provides heightened safety for first responder vehicles than a stoplight. As an added benefit, during phase one of construction, the City was able to repair a sewer main, that, left unchecked, could have spilled into the Harbor. We look forward to resuming two-way travel on Harborview Drive shortly, however finish work on the roundabout will continue after the route is re-opened to two-way traffic.
  • April 19, 2022: Retaining walls are being poured by Eddon Boat Park, and work continues to progress toward an early reopening of the roadway, however the snow and rain have impacted a few days of operations.
  • April 12, 2022: the initial asphalt pavement lift is placed for the southern section of the intersection with work on the northern segment to follow. The Harborview closure/detour will remain in place, however, the closure is on an accelerated timeline and is set to complete early.
  • April 5, 2022:  If favorable weather continues, we are on track to reopen the roadway ahead of schedule. This week, the curbs, roundabout and islands are being poured with sidewalk and driveway work to follow. 
  • March 14, 2022: City Council voted in favor and approved a change order that incentivizes the contractor to finish the project in a shorter time frame by 15 days, potentially ending the one-way closure by late May. Please note that this in no way guarantees that the project will be completed in a shorter time frame due to weather delays or unforeseen roadway conditions.       

The City of Gig Harbor and its contractor, Active Construction Inc. (ACI) are performing improvements to the intersection of Harborview Drive and Stinson Avenue.  This project will be completed in two phases.  The first phase required the relocation of sewer, water, and stormwater pipes.  Storm work was postponed until February 28, 2022 and will be completed as part of the second phase. Work in the second phase includes regrading the intersection, installing a new roundabout and associated pedestrian improvements, and storm line tie-ins.   

The City's contractor, ACI - Active Construction Inc. was on a winter suspension until February 28, 2022. The winter suspension was planned to avoid construction activities during the wet winter months. The project resumed on February 28, 2022 with work anticipated to continue through July 2022.


Harborview Drive is closed in the southbound direction from North Harborview Drive to Stinson Avenue. A detour for southbound Harborview Drive is in place for the duration of the project. Flaggers present to safely direct traffic and pedestrians through the work zone.

Please continue to expect long traffic delays, slower speeds, and lane shifts during this time. Use alternate routes when possible. For a detour map click here.

There is a pedestrian detour route set up through the work zone. This route will change from time to time to facilitate different phases of the work. Please continue to follow the pedestrian detour route signs to safely navigate the work zone and follow the directions given by the contractor's traffic control personnel. Safety is our highest concern.

Access to all businesses and residences will be maintained at all times during construction. On February 22 the City held a meeting with the downtown business owners and organizations to discuss the Project. While the meeting included discussions on the project background and construction for both phases of the project, the focus of the meeting was on traffic control and providing access to affected downtown businesses. A recording of the February 22 meeting is available online here.

The construction team is aware of summer events and happenings downtown and will work to lessen impacts whenever possible.









George Flanigan, Construction Supervisor at 253-853-7695

Aaron Hulst, PE, Senior Engineer/Project Manager at 253-853-7620



The City will be providing construction updates routinely as new information becomes available and on the City of Gig Harbor Facebook page at

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Borgen Blvd. Emergency Pavement Repair

The City currently has a westbound lane closure in place on Borgen Blvd. approaching Olympus Way. This section of roadway has sunk in various locations due to the heavy rains from the week of February 28 that have exacerbated this condition to a point where significant subgrade failures have occurred and temporary pavement patching is no longer a viable option. 

The City has hired a contractor under an emergency declaration to repair this area. The findings during excavation will determine the depth and ultimate extents of work.

We recognize the timing for this work is far from ideal with the current construction occurring at the intersection of Harborview Drive / Stinson Avenue and the City will complete this work as soon as possible to avoid the risk of further repairs and minimize impacts to the public. Further details to follow as they become available.

Click on the links below to view photos of areas of failure.

Photo 1 - Westbound travel Lane

Photo 2 - Undermining of curb, gutter, and sidewalk


Stinson Avenue Overlay and Intersection Improvements

Project Description

Construction work for the Stinson Avenue Overlay and Intersection Improvements project included the construction a new compact roundabout at the Rosedale/Stinson intersection, reconstruction of the intersection at Grandview/Stinson, pedestrian improvements along Stinson Ave., and a pavement overlay on Stinson from Grandview St. to Rosedale St.

Current Project Schedule

  • Miscellaneous finish work and installation of street lights are occurring on April 7-8. The work will be flagger controlled with minor traffic delays.

Primary Project Contact

Kyle Neiman, Construction Supervisor at 253-853-7607 



Burnham Drive & Harborview Drive Half-width Roadway Improvements Project - Design and Permitting

Project Description

The City is working with consultant David Evans and Associates in completing the preliminary design and permitting associated with street  improvements along Burnham Drive in compliance with City of Gig Harbor Public Works Standards. The project consists of a combined-use path, sidewalk, planter strip, and pedestrian lighting on the east side of the roadway between the Eagles Club and 96th Street.  It also incorporates LID stormwater elements to reduce runoff, providing flow control, and providing stormwater quality treatment.  

Primary Project Contact

Marcos McGraw, Project Engineer at 253-853-2647


Community Paddler's Dock

The Community Paddler's Dock is now open for public use as of 03/16/22

Project Description

A new gangway and float system has been constructed for use by human-powered crafts from the existing Jerkovich Pier.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: 

  • Saturday, 04/02/22 at 11:00 a.m.

For questions, please contact:



Lift Station #6 Replacement - Ryan Street

Project Description

Replace the underground lift station at the existing site.

Project Schedule

  • Construction in progress with anticipated completion in August 2022.

Primary Project Contact

Trent Ward, PE, City Engineer at 253-853-7637


Lift Station #12 Replacement - Woodhill Drive and Burnham Drive

Project Description

Lift Station #12 turned 32 years old in 2021 and transfers over one-third of the City's sewage. The station's structural, mechanical, and electrical systems required major repairs or replacement. As part of the upgrade, the wet well will be converted from the wet-pit dry-pit configuration to a current standard of a safer and more efficient wet well submersible pump station. The upgrade will include but not limited to the the coating of the wet well, installation of submersible pumps, level control, piping, associated vaults, upgrading the electrical, a new Dri-Prime diesel backup pump (aka as a screwsucker), odor control, and converting the existing dry-pit to emergency storage.

Project Schedule

  • Construction in progress with anticipated completion in November 2022.

Primary Project Contact

Kyle Neiman, Construction Supervisor at 253-853-7607

Trent Ward, PE, City Engineer at 253-853-7637

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