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38th Avenue Improvements Phase 2 Project

OPEN HOUSE: Please join us for an open house and provide feedback on two layouts. City staff will be available to provide project information and answer questions.

Date: October 25, 2022

Time: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Location: Civic Center Community Rooms A/B

                3510 Grandview Street, Gig Harbor, WA 98335


Project Description: 

Design is commencing for the second phase of improvements along 38th Avenue to increase pedestrian safety and bicycle access. The project consists of adding bike lanes, sidewalk, planter strip, and pedestrian lighting on

the east side of the roadway between 56th Street and Hunt Street. The project will also be providing new curb and gutters, curb ramps, and associated utility coordination for relocations.. 

Impacts to the Public:

During the week of October 3rd, the City’s Consultant for the 38th Avenue Ph 2 project will be performing geotechnical drilling on 38th Ave between Hunt St and 56th St. from 8 am to 5 pm.  Expect travel delays as traffic will be reduced to one lane at times.

Primary Project Contact:
Stephanie Seibel, P.E.


2022 Pavement Maintenance Project

Project Description: 
The City of Gig Harbor and its contractor, Miles Resources, Inc., is performing repair and maintenance improvements on various streets throughout the City. The street segments where the work is occurring consists of 45th Street Court (near the library), Briarwood Lane, Point Fosdick Drive between Olympic Drive and Harbor Country Drive, Woodhill Drive, the left turn lanes from Olympic Drive westbound to Point Fosdick Drive southbound, and Hollycroft Street between Olympic Drive and Reid Drive NW.

Impacts to the Public:

City Council awarded a construction contract to Miles Resources on June 27. Construction of the 2022 Pavement Maintenance work commenced on July 18. Temporary traffic control devices and flaggers will be in place during work hours.

Woodhill Drive - work complete

Harborview Drive - work complete

Hollycroft Street - work complete

Wollochet Drive - work complete  

Olympic Drive - work complete  

Point Fosdick Drive - work complete  

45th Street - work complete  

Briarwood Lane - work complete

Remaining work - One new pedestrian ramp at entrance to Gig Harbor Corporate Center and raising catch basins remain.

Primary Project Contact:

Jake Nelson, Construction Supervisor at 253-851-6174

Marcos McGraw, Project Engineer at 253-853-2647


Project Description:

The City is working with consultant David Evans and Associates in completing the preliminary design and permitting associated with street  improvements along Burnham Drive in compliance with City of Gig Harbor Public Works Standards. The project consists of a combined-use path, sidewalk, planter strip, and pedestrian lighting on the east side of the roadway between the Eagles Club and 96th Street.  It also incorporates LID stormwater elements to reduce runoff, providing flow control, and providing stormwater quality treatment.  

Primary Project Contact:

Marcos McGraw, Project Engineer at 253-853-2647


Prentice Avenue / Fennimore Street Half-Width Improvements Design

Project Description:

Complete the design for half-width frontage improvements between Harbor Ridge Middle School and Peacock Hill Avenue. The design process will include completing a topographic survey, and conceptual design for potential grant funding.

Activities to Date: 

  • 04/27/22 - Open House held at Harbor Ridge Middle School.
  • 06/10/22 from 8:30 am to 10:00 am - Utility locates/paint markings for upcoming investigative boring locations.  
  • 06/23/22 - Tree evaluation by arborist.
  • 07/01/22 - Potholed existing utilities. 
  • 07/05/22 - 07/06/22 - Investigative orings.
  • 09/20/22 - Field observations to determine infiltration rate of the soil.

Primary Project Contact:

Stephanie Seibel, P.E., Associate Engineer at 253-853-7626


Lift Station #6 Replacement - Ryan Street

Project Description:

Replace the underground lift station at the existing site.

Project Schedule:

  • Construction in progress with anticipated completion in mid-October 2022. Awaiting back-ordered part.

Primary Project Contact:

Aaron Hulst, P.E., City Engineer at 253-853-7620


Lift Station #12 Replacement - Woodhill Drive and Burnham Drive

Project Description:

Lift Station #12 turned 32 years old in 2021 and transfers over one-third of the City's sewage. The station's structural, mechanical, and electrical systems required major repairs or replacement. As part of the upgrade, the wet well will be converted from the wet-pit dry-pit configuration to a current standard of a safer and more efficient wet well submersible pump station. The upgrade will include but not limited to the the coating of the wet well, installation of submersible pumps, level control, piping, associated vaults, upgrading the electrical, a new Dri-Prime diesel backup pump (aka as a screwsucker), odor control, and converting the existing dry-pit to emergency storage.

Project Schedule:

  • Construction in progress with anticipated completion in November 2022.

Primary Project Contact:

Aaron Hulst, PE, City Engineer at 253-853-7620

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