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Harborview Drive and Stinson Ave Intersection Improvements
Phase 1 - Installation of Underground Utilities


Stinson Avenue will be closed daily (7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday- Friday) from September 27 through October 31, to thru traffic north of the roundabout at Rosedale Street to Harborview Drive.


A detour route is in place and local access to businesses and residence will be maintained. Local residents that live on Stinson Avenue will be allowed access but there will be no thru traffic during the hours of the closure.

Alternating flagger controlled lane closures on Harborview Drive will continue thru October 15th.


The City of Gig Harbor and its contractor, Active Construction Inc. (ACI) are performing improvements to the intersection of Harborview Drive and Stinson Avenue.  This project will be completed in two phases.  The first phase requires the relocation of sewer, water, and stormwater pipes and will occur late summer 2021 through fall 2021.  The second phase will regrade the intersection and install a new roundabout and associated pedestrian improvements.   

The current construction work is the first phase of the project. This phase of work consists of the installation of underground utilities and is expected to run though Oct. 31. The reason for this phase of the project is to repair and relocate the existing damaged sewer main before it fails, as well as to relocate the water main and storm sewer lines. This sewer main serves 40% of the City and if it were to fail it could result in raw sewage entering the bay.

The City will suspend the project through the winter months beginning November 1, 2021 and construction will commence again for the roadway work and installation of the roundabout starting on March 1, 2022. All work is weather dependent and these dates are only approximate.

Phase 2 - Roundabout Construction

Phase 2 will begin in March 2022 when the weather improves. This phase of the project will construct a roundabout at the intersection of Harborview Drive and Stinson Avenue.

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as the City works to construct this important capital project.

Primary Project Contact

George Flanigan, Construction Supervisor at 253-853-7695.


Stinson Avenue Overlay and Intersection Improvements

  • There will continue to be traffic interruptions and intermittent traffic control until the project is fully completed.
  • Work remaining to be completed includes minor finish work and installation of street lights.

Project Description

Construction work for the Stinson Ave. project commenced on March 29, 2021 and will continue into the summer. The project includes the construction a new compact roundabout at the Rosedale/Stinson intersection, reconstruction of the intersection at Grandview/Stinson, pedestrian improvements along Stinson Ave., and a pavement overlay on Stinson from Grandview St. to Rosedale St.

We appreciate your continued patience during the completion of this project.

Current Project Schedule

  • Complete miscellaneous finish work and install street lights. The street lights are back ordered nationwide and the manufacturer has said the earliest date to receive them is mid-November 2021.

Primary Project Contacts

Laura Pettitt, Tourism & Communications Director at 253-579-6158 or by email at

Kyle Neiman, Construction Supervisor at 253-853-7607  


38th Avenue Improvements Phase 1 Project

Project Description:

The city is working with the consultant David Evans and Associates to finalize design work on a capital improvement project along the east side of 38th Avenue. The limits of this project are from Briarwood Lane to the southerly city limits. The work generally consists of incorporating Low Impact Development Standards (LID) for a bike lane, sidewalk, biofiltration swale, and pedestrian lighting. This project includes the first phase of improvements to provide pedestrian safety in City limits leading to two schools located just outside City limits. A grant from the Department of Ecology reimbursed some of the design costs.

The work will occur in the lane on the east side of 38th Avenue from Briarwood Lane to Goodman Middle School.  Expect temporary traffic control devices to be in place throughout the summer.


Project Schedule

  • The work during the next three weeks beginning October 25, will consist of placing drainage structures and landscape work.  Some of this work will impact travel in the northbound lane. Flaggers will temporarily direct traffic for alternating use of the southbound lane during daylight hours on weekdays.

Primary Project Contact

Marcos McGraw, Project Engineer at


Burnham Drive & Harborview Drive ½-width Roadway Improvements Project - Design and Permiting

Project Description

The City is working with consultant David Evans and Associates in completing the preliminary design and permitting associated with  street  improvements along Burnham Drive in compliance with City of Gig Harbor Public Works Standards.  The project consists of a combined-use path, sidewalk, planter strip, and pedestrian lighting on the east side of the roadway between the Eagles Club and 96th Street.  It also incorporates LID stormwater elements to reduce runoff, providing flow control, and providing stormwater quality treatment.  

Project Schedule

  • Pending

Primary Project Contact

Marcos McGraw, Project Engineer at


Lift Station #6 Replacement - Ryan Street

Project Description

Replacement of the underground lift station at the existing site.

Project Schedule

  • Virtual Open House held: 9/16/20 from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm.
  • Final design and permitting underway.
  • Construction planned for early summer 2021 with completion anticipated by the end of 2021.

Primary Project Contact

Trent Ward, PE, City Engineer at


Pedestrian Crosswalk Improvements

Project Description

Construction work for the Pedestrian facilities at the roundabouts located at Harbor Hill Drive at Costco; Borgen Boulevard and Harbor Hill Drive; and Borgen Boulevard and Olympus Way.  This project includes replacing curb ramps, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, median refuge, installation of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) systems at each pedestrian crossing at each of these roundabouts.

Pedestrian access will be open through out the project.  Roads open through work areas, expect delays.

Project Closures:

Harbor Hill Drive will have intermittent road closures August 10th through August 21st.

Project Schedule

  • Construction commenced on July 29, 2021
  • Construction anticipated to be completed by September 10, 2021

Project Map:

Click here to view project map

Primary Project Contact

Laura Pettitt, Tourism & Communications Director, at 253-579-6158 or by email at

Jake Nelson, Construction Inspector, at 253-377-1378