Crescent Creek Park

Crescent Creek Park Picnic Table


  • restrooms
  • on-site parking
  • covered shelter with kitchen
  • sinks and running water
  • play structure | swings | climbing structures  
  • baseball field with bleachers 
  • picnic tables and seating
  • tennis court
  • basketball court
  • reservations

Located at 3303 Vernhardson Street, Crescent Creek Park is still known to long-time residents as "City Park". The park's large, open air structure, natural creekbed, and specimen trees represent an important historic landscape that embodies Gig Harbor’s early rural lifestyle. It was the first (and for many years) only park within city limits. It signifies a national economic period of significance with architectural characteristics of a type, method of design, and construction typical of WPA projects around the country. Although the Park is not currently listed, the WPA structures at City Park are eligible for Gig Harbor's Register of Historic Places.

​ ​The site was originally owned by Crescent Valley School (built 1915) and was used as a playground.