City Clerk

The City Clerk’s office is dedicated to serving the needs of residents by providing them with timely and quality services in a positive, professional, and cooperative manner.  

Responsibilities of the City Clerk include management of the City’s official records, public disclosure, City Council support including agenda development, packets and preparation of official minutes, legal noticing, electronic records access, recording of legal documents, and risk management. The City Clerk is the person designated to accept Claims for Damages or other Lawsuits and Public Records Requests.

Ordinances & Resolutions
The City Council has various options available for taking legislative  action, including the passage, adoption, or approval of ordinances,  resolutions, rules, regulations, motions, and policies.

  • A resolution generally states a position or policy of a city.  See the City's archived list of resolutions.
  • An  ordinance is more formal and authoritative than a resolution.  An  ordinance is a local law that usually regulates persons or property and  usually relates to a matter of a general and permanent nature.  See the  City's archived list of ordinances.