Kit Kuhn

Title: Mayor
Phone: 253-853-7611

Born and raised in Colorado, Mayor Kuhn moved to Gig Harbor in 1988 where he and his wife, Kathy, raised their two children, Chris and Zoe.  Gig Harbor represented everything Mayor Kuhn wanted in a town: safe streets, great public schools, and people who care about their community and its future. He loves our beautiful city. It is his goal to manage growth in a way that honors those that live, work, and play here.

Goals as Mayor

1. Transparent Government and respect for citizens.  Provide accurate communication to and from our citizens.

2.  Preserve the Character and culture of our Maritime city and strengthen our downtown business district. 

3.  Protect Our Environment. Protecting our beautiful bay, natural evergreens, and spectacular mountain views.

4.  Responsible Growth.  Have infrastructure concurrent to development.  

I am a successful, experienced businessman, community leader, and Mayor of our city. I have a passion for Gig Harbor and I want to see it grow responsibly.  I hope to make Gig Harbor a model city across the U.S. and make it great for generations to come. Lastly, I feel I represent not only the 10,000 citizens that live in our city limits, but the other 55,000 that surround our city and call Gig Harbor home.  They all work here, shop here, play here.  They are Gig Harbor.

                                                                                                                                                         - Mayor Kuhn

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Elected Experience

  • Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce Board
  • Gig Harbor Restaurant/Retail Association, President

Professional Experience

  • Retired Retail Jeweler (28 yrs )
  • Co-founder Peninsula Hands on Art, Peninsula School District (13 yrs)
  • Gig Harbor Arts Commission (2 yrs)
  • Tacoma Community College Jewelry Program Consultant 
  • American Industries Regional Manager of Sales

Community Service

  • Gig Harbor Lions (20 yrs)
  • Waterfront Alliance - Main Street Program (12 yrs)
  • FISH Foodbank Community Gardener
  • Peninsula Hands on Art Training Volunteer (10 yrs)
  • Non-Resident Advisory Council Sun Peaks B.C. (8 yrs)


  • Arapahoe Community College, CO 
  • California College Arts & Crafts, CA
  • Jewelry Thundering Seas, Oregon State University
  • Apprenticeship, Sweden

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