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Ancich Waterfront Park

Posted on: January 5, 2018

Ancich Waterfront Park Construction Update 1-5-18



Work in Progress:

The City’s contractor, Quigg Brothers Construction, has been busy bracing and moving the Ancich net shed. The net shed has been relocated onto a barge that will remain on site while it is being rehabilitated. Quigg’s carpentry crew and the City’s engineering team have been surveying the structure to determine what siding and framing timbers can be salvaged and re-used. The intent is to utilize as much of the original materials possible.

Demolition of the Ancich Pier has been completed. The contractor will be moving to the Jerkovich Pier where they will selectivly demolish portions of the pier. Pile driving for the new piers is anticipated to take place in the next couple of weeks.

Quigg and their subcontractor will be working on the installatin of temporary shoring walls on the west and east ends of the site. These walls are being constructed to protect the neighboring concrete retaining walls during the excavation for the new bulk heads and sea walls.

Once the temporary shoring walls are constructed, excavation for the new seawall and pier bulkheads will be taking place.

Impacts to the Public:


Pedestrian Detour Route-

Quigg has closed the parking stalls in front of the site for the duration of the project. Pedestrian foot traffic will be allowed to pass in front of the site for the time being, but a pedestrian detour route will be established some time toward the middle of January. This pedestrian route will shift foot traffic from the sidewalk on the north side of Harborview Drive to the sidewalk on the south side of Haborview drive from the intersection of Haborview Drive and Stinson Avenue to the intersection of Novak Street and Harborview Drive. There are established pedstrian crossings in both of these locations that will be enhanced to better facilitate their use.

Harborview Drive Detour-

Starting sometime near the end of January / beginning of February, the contractor will also be closing the west bound lane of Harborview Drive in front of the project site to facilitate the construction of the temporary shoring walls, relocation of the existing sanitary sewer line and the excavation for the construction of the boat stroage builging. In order to close this lane down, the contractor will be changing the traffic pattern on Harborview Drive from Novak Street to Stinson Avenue to one way west bound traffic only. There will be a detour route put into place that will re-route the east bound Harborview traffic up Stinson to Rosedale and then back down to Harborview Drive (see attached detour diagram). This detour will be in effect for the duration of the project. There will be access to all buisnesses and residents throughout the duration of this detour.

During the pile driving and temporary shoring wall installation you can expect loud noise and vibration from the installation equipment.

Some of the excavation for the new sea wall footings will need to be performed during the low tide cycle. During this time of the year the low tide cycles are at night or in the early morning so the City is anticipating some night work to occur. During this work you may experience construction noise such as engine noise from excavation equipment, and back-up alarms. When the City knows the exact dates of this night work, we will inform the public of the dates and times.

Thank you for your understanding.


Remaining Work and Timelines:
December- Mobilization, move net shed, demolition of old piers and bulk heads, excavate for new sea wall

January- Construction of temporary shoring walls, excavation for new bulkheads and sea walls, placement of new sea walls, pile driving, pier construction

February- Completion of sea walls and pier piles



Primary project contact:
George Flanigan, Construction Supervisor or (253) 853-7695

Project Updates:
These project updates will be posted on the City’s web site at

The City will circulate periodic updates by email. If you know someone that would be interested in receiving these email notices, please contact Maree George at or 253-853-7553 and indicate that you wish to be added to the stakeholders list for the Ancich Waterfront Park and Netshed Restoration project.

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