Local Businesses & COVID-19

With the Stay Home - Stay Healthy Order proclaimed by Governor Inslee this week, all non-essential businesses are required to close down until at least April 6, 2020.  A list of essential businesses can be found here.  


We realize that the definition of essential business can be difficult to interpret.  If residents and businesses do not comply with this order, Governor Inslee has promised to “discuss possible enforcement mechanisms in the coming days.”  For the time being, local and state police will not be asked to enforce these conditions, outside of dispersing large gatherings.


For now, our city and police department are urging businesses to voluntarily comply with the Governor’s order and to remain closed during this time.  We will not be taking proactive enforcement actions against businesses at this time but may contact some businesses on a case by case basis to gain compliance. 


Please do not contact the city or the police department regarding these businesses.  If a citizen wishes to report what they perceive to be a business operating against the terms of this order, they can send an email message to business@mil.wa.gov


If you have a business and want to get an interpretation from the state on whether or not your business is essential, you can submit your inquiry here.   

The Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce has a resource page for local small businesses.