Salary Commission

The Salary Commission consists of five members that must be residents of the City of Gig Harbor. They cannot be city officials, city employees, or immediate family members of city officials or employees. The commission is responsible for the elected officials’ salaries and will make a recommendation to increase, decrease, or maintaining the current salaries for each position. The commission will meet no later than April 30th of each even-numbered year and then on an as-needed basis throughout the year. You can access the minutes here:  Salary Commission Minutes


  • Tony Michaelson
    Term: March 2020
  • Rosalie Williamson
    Term: March 2012
  • Ronald Lyse
    Term: March 2020
  • Jean Farrington
    Term: March 2022
  • Richard Russell
    Term: March 2022
  • Molly Towslee, City Staff