Burnham Drive Apartments


This proposal includes an 80-unit apartment complex with a community building, parking, and utility extensions on an irregularly shaped parcel of 4.45 acres. The development will include five 3-story multi-family residential buildings, a 2-story carriage unit building with garages on the first level and apartment units on the second, and a single story community building with leasing offices. The site is located in the City’s B-2 Zoning District (General Business) and the MUD Overlay (Mixed Use District). Multiple-Family Dwellings are a conditional use in this zone and therefore require a conditional use approval. The site is generally hilly and a ravine with associated steep slopes exists near the eastern property line. This ravine area is to be left in a natural state.

Public Meeting, Notice, and Commenting

There are currently no meetings scheduled for this project. 

For more information on how to provide public comment, please see this assistance memo.

Public notice for all meetings and hearings will be provided a minimum of 10-days in advance of the meeting in the Peninsula Gateway, to owners of property within 300-feet of the site, and through the posting of the site with a public notice board. We will also provide email notice to those signed up on the Burnham Drive Apartment email list. Contact Cindy Andrews to get on that list.

Conditional Use Permit Process

Purpose of a Conditional Use Permit: A conditional use permit determines if a use because of its unusual size, special requirements, or detrimental effect on surrounding properties requires additional conditions of approval to mitigate impacts. A conditional use permit requires a public hearing in front of the City’s hearing examiner with public notice of the hearing provided to neighboring property owners.  

Criteria for Approval of a Conditional Use permit:

GHMC 17.64.040 Review criteria.

Each determination granting or denying a conditional use permit shall be supported by written findings of fact showing specifically wherein all of the following conditions are met:

A. That the use which the conditional use permit is applied for is specified by this title as being conditionally permitted within, and is consistent with the description and purpose of the zone district in which the property is located.

B. That the granting of such conditional use permit will not be detrimental to the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare, will not adversely affect the established character of the surrounding neighborhood, and will not be injurious to the property or improvements in such vicinity and/or zone in which the property is located.

C. That the proposed use is properly located in relation to the other land uses and to transportation and service facilities in the vicinity; and further, that the use can be adequately served by such public facilities and street capacities without placing an undue burden on such facilities and streets.

D. That the site is of sufficient size to accommodate the proposed use and all yards, open spaces, walls and fences, parking, loading, landscaping and other such features as are required by this title or as needed in the opinion of the examiner.